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primehammer is a Software Design & Development team.
We create, upgrade and maintain the technology that empowers your business.

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Idea to Launch

Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. We’ll help you build winning products with the right planning, design, engineering, and testing.

Team Extension

Flexible and experienced senior engineers on-demand with guaranteed availability and security clearance. Count on us.

Project Transition

Move an existing project to us and instantly benefit from quality agile practices, giving you speed, transparency and peace of mind.
Team Extension

Scaling e-commerce

Primehammer helped this Rocket Internet company establish a small and reliable IT Team, leading to them hitting valuation of over $1bn.
Idea to Launch

Leading Homecare is the leading marketplace for home care in Central Europe. primehammer exclusively built web and mobile applications, reaching over 2.4 million households.
Project Transition

Fueling Aerospace

Valcora provides automated fueling for the aviation industry throughout the world. primehammer have helped Valcora scale their project to the next level with quality technology, seeing transactions increase in volume.

“primehammer is a rising group of sophisticated developers with a hands-on and easy to talk to approach that delivers reliably high quality code and is flexible and engaged at all times. Pleasure to work with the team."

Michael Cassau,

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