Build engineering teams with peace of mind.

Build engineering teams with peace of mind.

primehammer provides highly capable engineers for both innovative startups and established brands.
Excellence Through Rigorous Selection


primehammer diligently vets its team members to ensure their clients get rock-solid engineers who fit their tech stack and team culture.
Empowering Engineers #innovation


The growth and well-being of our engineers matter to us. We go on regular trips, workations or conferences. This helps us to bring stability and innovation to your teams.
Cost-Effective Engineering Solutions


primehammer goes easy on the Finance teams of their clients, bringing on-demand engineers at competitive, monthly, rates.

Clients who trust us

Team Extension

Titan Fuels 🇺🇸

Titan provides automated fueling for the aviation industry throughout the world. primehammer has helped Valcora scale its project to the next level with a quality engineering team, seeing transactions increase in volume.
Team Extension

Irwin 🇨🇦

Irwin helps companies manage their investor relations better. primehammer helps with delivering to their clients by extending their Full-Stack team.
Team Extension

Grover 🇩🇪

primehammer helped this Rocket Internet company establish a small and reliable tech team, helping Grover hit a valuation of over $1bn.
“We loved working with primehammer primarily for the quality and reliability of their software developers. We worked fully remotely with their team as they are based in the Czech Republic and we are in Denmark, but the communication was seamless. We are looking forward to working together on another project in the future!”
Peter Sørensen 🇩🇰


What is primehammer?

primehammer is a team of engineers that are fully dedicated to their clients and act as internal engineers for the long term.

Does primehammer provide custom development?

No, primehammer assigns dedicated engineers who become a key part of their clients’ engineering teams.

What tech stack does primehammer work with?

The primary tech of primehammer engineers is Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Python, Java, and DevOps (AWS/Azure/GCP). Do you need something else? Let us know; there’s a good chance we might be able to help!

Where is primehammer located?

The HQ is in Brno, Czech Republic, European Union. The team works mostly remotely from the Czech Republic or Slovakia. primehammer benefits from great tech talent in this region.

What does the pricing look like?

It’s very simple - there are monthly fees for each engineer. You can think of it as a salary that is very competitive considering the location of our clients (mostly Europe and North America).

Is there a recruiting fee?

No, the only fee is the recurring monthly fee for the engineer(s). No other fees.

How do you vet your engineers?

This is key. primehammer saves time for their clients by providing pre-selected engineers through a thorough interview process focused both on technical and soft skills that are required from the client.

What does primehammer do differently from other software development contracting agencies?

primehammer invests heavily in the team, favoring team contentment over profit. This includes workations, quarterly teambuildings, monthly optional office breakfasts in a remote-first culture, and conference budgets, all to ensure a delighted team and, by extension, satisfied clients.

primehammer champions the ‘’less is more’’ philosophy, having client and engineer happiness as the key metrics – thanks to that, many clients/engineers have been with primehammer since its inception (2015). Last but not least, all clients get a dedicated Account Manager to ensure swift and smooth communication.

Can you provide a team of engineers?

Yes, we can! Having a team that has worked together in the past brings huge benefits.

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