About Us

Finding an awesome development team can be difficult.
So, it’s fortunate that you just found one.

Who We Are

PrimeHammer is a professional team of Ruby, JavaScript and Elixir application experts. We’re well used to mixing it up with the creme-de-la-creme: like F100 companies and startups featured on TechCrunch. With clients like these under our belt, we’ve picked up the pedigree to repeat our successes with you.

How We Work

Our methodology and expertise allow us to slot in with both Agile and RAD (rapid application development) teams, to accelerate product growth. We quickly comprehend your business, to work on revenue growth areas first, saving you time and money.
Our experts deliver daily updates, swiftly publish results and will visit you on site, if it helps to zip the process along. We are all about efficiency and strong working relationships. In essence, we are your on-demand team.
Quick Turnaround
Get tangible results within days
Guaranteed Availability
Staff schedules shared so you’re always informed
Background Check
Our developers come pre-screened. We demand a level of trust suitable for sensitive fintech companies.


We hired top Central European talent, all driven to succeed, all great at their jobs and all great team players too. They mentor at RailsGirls, contribute to open source, and attend the best conferences. We relentlessly build the skills that drive your projects forward.

Ready for results?

Let’s connect and discuss your technology needs.
Nothing to lose and everything to gain.